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What is it

What is reoccurring product retargeting?

We are different!

We not simply retarget your non-shopper visitors. We using dynamic technology to serve up products based on behavioral information, a detailed customer profile, or content from your website that the user may be interested in purchasing or already purchased. We retarget visitors with digital/physical products which are reoccurring.

I'm excited, I need more info

What does reoccurring product mean?

The list is unlimited. Here are some examples.

  • Continued products - e.g. movie series, book series, books from same authors...
  • Similar products with new release dates - e.g. albums of music bands, next vintage wine...
  • Products which can be online/offline time to time. - e.g. webcam performers...

Our Offer

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We'll pay you on top of your current banner income. All you have to do is:

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  • Get our widget code and replace with your current banner code.

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You will earn $100 with your current banner provider + we will add some extra income based on your performance!

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Increase your sales dramatically with our tool! We work with CPM or CPA base, depends on your site or products.

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